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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-12-13Adoption of Government e-market place (GEM) in Indian government sectorNandankar, N.; Sachan, Amit.
2022-11-02Competition, fairness concern and coordination in high-tech product supply chainSingh, Satender Pal.; Adhikari, Arnab.; Sachan, Amit.; Kundu, Sayantan.
2015-12Competitiveness in manufacturing and servicesSachan, Amit.
2015-09Determinants of customer’s repurchases intention in Indian online retail contextSachan, Amit.
2020-07Different stages of the e-service delivery system process: belief–attitude–intention frameworkGupta, Piyush.; Sachan, Amit.; Kumar, Rajiv.
2018Direct vs indirect e-government adoption: an exploratory studyKumar, Rajiv.; Sachan, Amit.; Mukherjee, Arindam.
2020-12Electronic procurement adoption, usage and performance: a literature reviewNandankar, Sunil.; Sachan, Amit.
2021An examination of the e-government service value chainKumar, Rajiv.; Kumar, Ritu.; Sachan, Amit.; Gupta, Piyush.
2018Examining the impact of e-government service process on user satisfactionSachan, Amit.; Kumar, Rajiv.; Kumar, Ritu.
2020-12Examining the impact of e-retailing convenience dimensions on behavioral intention: the mediating role of satisfactionKumar, Rajiv.; Sachan, Amit.; Dutta, Tanusree.
2018Factors influencing e-government adoption in India: a qualitative approachKumar, Rajiv.; Sachan, Amit.; Mukherjee, Arindam.; Kumar, Ritu.
2020-03-10Impact of intellectual capital on the performance of higher education institutionsJha, Chandan.; Sachan, Amit.; Adhikari, Arnab.; Kundu, Sayantan.
2020The impact of service delivery system process and moderating effect of perceived value in internet banking adoptionKumar, Rajiv.; Sachan, Amit.; Kumar, Ritu.
2019-05-03Linking service concept to customer satisfaction and moderating role of demographic variablesSachan, Amit.; Mukherjee, Arindam.; Kumar, Rajiv.
2021-10-22Managing arrival variability in healthcare services: case of an out-patient departmentGupta, Piyush.; Pranjal, Piyush.; Sachan, Amit.; Prasad, Punam.
2012-12Measuring gap between customer preferences and managers perception of customer preferencesSachan, Amit.
2017Operations management: sustainability and supply chain management, 12/e.Heizer, Jay.; Render, Barry.; Munson, Chuck.; Sachan, Amit.
2018-11-29Performance analysis and improvement of a typical e-tender driven marketing process in a b2b context: a discrete event simulation studyGupta, Piyush.; Sachan, Amit.
2019-12-19Performance evaluation of Indian management institutions: pre/post liberalization periodJha, Chandan.; Sachan, Amit.
2021-11-02Performance improvement of supplier-side e-tender-driven marketing processGupta, Piyush.; Pranjal, Piyush.; Bera, Sasadhar.; Sarkar, Soumya.; Sachan, Amit.